It’s speed-dating, but not as you know it...

Tea Fuelled and Theatre Delicatessen cordially invite you to Play/Date, a unique and interactive performance.

Can you tell who these two lover are?

Can you tell who these two lover are?

Based around a very special speed-dating night, you assume the role of ‘the guests’. Rotate between the different tables and watch as we weave a funny and heart-warming story around you.

It doesn’t matter if you’re single, married, straight, gay, a lion or an alien, everyone is welcome. When you arrive you can choose to be yourself, or accept a variety of roles, on offer.  

Throughout the night you’ll drink and mingle with actors and audience alike, but will you be able to spot who’s real and who’s not?


  • July 23, 24 & 25.
  • Bar from 6.30, Show at 7.30.
  • 35 Marylebone High Street, London, W1U 4QA.

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Should I Stay Comes to London

Following its successful stint in Brighton and The Roundhouse, Should I Stay Or Should I Go? heads to London and Theatre Delicatessen for THREE NIGHTS ONLY. 

July 1, 2 & 3, 7.30pm

Inspired by the ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ novels, this interactive play follows two brothers, two women and their mysterious trip to Paris. The brothers promise an unforgettable weekend, but a dark and hidden truth threatens to turn their lives upside down.

Funny and fast-paced, with a raucous soundtrack, the audience steer a course through the play’s various twists and turns. You take control of the characters’ future, but can you ever out-run their past? 


Buy tickets for Tuesday July 1 (concessions here)

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Buy tickets for Thursday July 3 (concessions here)

Address: 35 Marylebone High Street, London, W1A 4QA

Goodbye Brighton, Hello London

After four days of Sun, one false start, several chips two lovely audiences and more craft ales than should be humanly possible to consume, the Should I Stay Or Should I Go team have completed their stint at the Brighton Fringe.

Seems like the show's a bit of a hit and we're delighted to be premièring the full length version of the show at The Roundhouse, Sunday 25 May, 11am. Tickets are only a fiver, so get on down and grab them here.

Hulk loves the beach


Tea Fuelled presents the world's first 'Choose Your Own' Pub Quiz. 

Decide which categories will be selected for each round, answer the questions and put yourself in with the chance of winning some very special, mystery prizes.

Hosted by the cast and characters from 'Should I Stay Or Should I Go', all proceeds will go towards our production in Brighton.

Teams can be sorted on the night, but spaces are in short supply. Book soon if you don't want to miss out.

Tickets are £7 and you can find them here: